Our company policy is to provide candidates and referrals who we believe to be qualified, with information about job opportunities.

We support the free movement of labor, freedom of information, and the right of an individual to choose their own life/career path. We respect the right to self-determination for both our candidates and customers and do not coerce or influence them to take a job or hire a candidate, and believe our candidates and information on positions are there to sell themselves. We respect all parties involved to make these decisions on their own in either applying for/choosing a position, or deciding to hire/not hire someone. We will try our best to support you, so if you require any additional information or support please ask us and we would be happy to help.

Any information we provide should be considered confidential, and we ask that you do not alter or distribute this information in any way. Any information we provide to candidates and customers is there for them at their own discretion to interpret freely, and any confirmation of information, references, confidentiality status etc. must be specifically requested or clearly stated to us. Japan Recruiting Associates does not indemnify candidates or customers for loss or damage in this or any other case. The decision to accept/decline a job offer, or hire/not hire a candidate is entirely the decision and responsibility of a candidate or client.

Regarding privacy, our company takes every measure within reason to maintain information security, we will try our best to protect your information, and take your privacy very seriously, however we are not responsible for things beyond our control like natural disasters, theft, hacking, internet Trojans or similar such threats. Office staff or Consultants to Japan Recruiting Associates are contractually bound to maintain privacy and confidentiality but may have access to client/candidate information within our company. When checking or applying for a position on behalf of a candidate please understand we may have to submit your career profile and sometimes your identity, if there are any specifics in your resume or profile you want to omit for privacy/personal reasons, you must specify this clearly, and if there is any serious concern, do so in writing. If you are a client, understand that we will assume that presenting job specifications you provide and other recruiting related information to candidates is part of our business/service; any information you provide us that is confidential must be clearly specified to us as such before starting the search, and if it needs to be in a special form or format this must also be requested. Japan Recruiting Associates and its employees do not accept responsibility for the actions of third or outside parties, i.e. those who are not official and direct employees (seishain) of the company.When using our internet related services, (email, webpage, etc.) you do so at your own risk, we are not responsible for viruses or other internet threats. If you suspect this has occurred, please contact us right away.

If you require further information, please contact us at admin@japanra.com