The Story of Japan Recruiting Associates

Japan Recruiting Associates was established in 2004. Initially we started off recruiting for the Financial Services, Legal and Automotive sectors, but 2005 and 2006 saw us become more active in Industrial, Chemical, Medical, Micro Device and Consumer/Advertising. In summary we embrace diversity, and we cover all major business sectors. Our goal now is to help our candidates find good jobs and help our customers to revive their businesses and prosper into 2017.

On the outside we appear to be like other recruiting companies on the market, but we believe Japan Recruiting Associates is very different in a variety of ways. Our main focus is to make the relationship with our customers/candidates valuable, and our goal is simply good recruiting, which we define as bettering our customer's team, and bettering a candidate's career; plain and simple. We want our company to make a positive contribution to all parties. When we choose to work with a business partner, outside consultant, customer or candidate, we always place our relationship with them first. Following this path over the long term, we believe we can achieve positive and stable growth by giving our customers and candidates good service and trust.

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